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  1. 100% PROVEN SYSTEM (5 years of learning into 4 days of mastery)
  2. 100% COMMITTED COACHES (we coach for performance, not by hours )
  3. 100% Trusted Brand (6 years of success with thousands of students transformed)

Why US?

Any Primary 4/ Primary 5 child who desires a A* in SA2

We only take in students who attend our meetup session



What are the benefits of our Primary 4/ Primary 5 Mastery Program?

  1. Master all A* Strategies and Concepts in 16 hours
  2. Reduce revision time by more than 90%
  3. Improve speed by 200% and achieve 100% Accuracy in common Higher-Order-Thinking-Questions
  4. Filled with Serious Fun, Intensity and synergy!

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**We only take in students who have met up with us through this session.**

PSLE 2014
Meet US

“I have benefitted much from Adeline's class. She has helped me not only in my studies but also in my attitude. My results have improved by 10 - 20 marks for both subjects(Math & Sci) I took with Adeline. It took me 1 to 2 months to achieve. The most exciting activity that I like in Adeline's class is when we do our OPCM during class. I am most grateful for her patience in me and not giving up on me. Adeline has helped me in all aspects in my learning. I liked studying for the first time in my life. She made me want an A★ goal when I only thought my potential was only up to 70 plus. She made me work harder and have an A★ attitude. “

Jordan Ong (Txxxx611E), Primary 6, January 2014

“When Adeline took over the last quarter of the year as the main coach for Mathematics and Science, which was also the most crucial semester, she managed to stir more interest for my child towards his studies with her dedicated and caring attitude and I also received valuable feedback from her on his progress. She has managed to fine-tuned both subjects, which I can see from Jovan’s Mathematics and Science SA2 results. I will not hesitate to recommend iSun to more parents as a reliable and effective learning centre to get A★.”

Dennis Soon (SXXXX130B)

Father of Jovan Kipp Soon, Primary 4, November 2013

Lee Xian is very joyful and kindhearted, encouraging and motivating so I enjoy being in her class. When we do experiments, she would allow us to learn as well as try new things and she also has faith in us when we do our work. She encourages us by being creative and positive.”

Sofia V. Primary 5 Txxxx137

Lee Xian is very kind and she is cheerful which makes me happy and excited to come to class. Her classes are fun and there are many different things we do every week like use food to make the cell. She gives us benchmark that makes me give my best and study hard.”

Shannon Primary 5 Txxxx55E

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