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“Dear Elsie, my marks have improved a lot with the many Ratio strategies and methods you taught me. The strategies can be used for almost 80% of all the questions I do! Thanks a lot! You gave me a lot of confidence.”

Andrea Yeong (P6)                  Raffles Girls Primary School    Result transformation in less than 20 weeks from C (CA1) to A* (PSLE)

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What is Power Revision?


It is not too late to secure that

A* for your child's PSLE examinations! 

iSun Education truly believes that we have a unique offer for all parents who still believe that their child DESERVES an A* in PSLE. Achieving an A* is not a matter of talents, but a matter of right beliefs coupled with 100% proven strategies.  We do not promote last-minute revision, yet we do believe anything is possible for your child when they transformed their own beliefs

Lorenz Domer 

The English Einstein

Kon Li Su

The Science Strategist

Elsie Tay

The Math Extraordinaire

Meet Our Experts

“Dear Lisu, Thank you for helping me to understand all the science concepts and giving me the hope of achieving my goals…… but also your belief in me. I am really grateful to you… “

"Lorenz has helped me brush upon my English Language as I was not really good in English at first. He is really humorous in the way he teaches and engages us in through funny examples and jokes. He is very very active and filled with wisdom and knowledge. He is very caring and dedicated to his work.”

Karyn Tan (P6)                        Nan Chiau Primary School     Result transformation in less than 20 weeks from C (CA1) to A* (PSLE)


Goh Dai Lin (P6)                Result transformation in less than 16 weeks (score 4A* for PSLE)


Value of Time

SAVES 3 YEARS OR MORE OF YOUR CHILD! Imagine your child Scores A* in PSLE within an extremely short period of time, what would he/she believes about himself/herself?

Confidence Boost

Every child needs a MEGA SUCCESS EXPERIENCE!! 4 days to stand the highest chance to score A* in PSLE seems impossible. By making it happen, your child will start believing that he/she can conquer from anything to everything!

Potential Income Loss

It is shown that students with a greater academic transformation have a >40% increase in their starting pay! Why compromise when you can start from the top!

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Step 1: Make an appointment (+65 97306179) to meet us with your child*

*We will only take in the student after we have successfully ignited the A* Dream in your child & your child is 100% committed to his/her A* Dream.

Step 2: Make a FULL UPFRONT payment via cheque or Credit Card or cash upon the coach’s acceptance of your child into the TRANSFORMATION BOOTCAMP.

Criteria for Enrollment 

1. Scoring C or below (based on report book)

2. Have met up with us and successfully ignited the A* Dream within

3. 100% committed to the A* Dream!  


Promises & Expectations

We promise that we will do whatever it takes together with your child towards the A* Dream. This is to give them the highest chance to Score A* in PSLE with less than 3 weeks left. We Guarantee that we will be 100% committed to your child. Give us 4 days with your child to give our best to this journey of a lifetime that might just change everything!!

1) Your child MUST stay in our premises throughout the 4 days. (get 100% immerse in our culture)
2) Stay 100% compliance to our coaches. (non-compliance might result in removal from bootcamp)
3) Bring all daily living accessories such as toothbrush, towels, toothpaste, shoes, slippers, etc.
4) Bring all stationeries and $$.
5) Phones are only allowed to be used at selected timings after  approval from coaches. 
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A Truly Transformational Success Journey      (A* in just 4 days!)

Save on your   Valuable Time  (1-3 Years)

Potentially Greater   Earning Power  (40% more)

Guranteed  Satisfaction   in the results

A Truly Enlightening  Experience

6 years of Learning


4 days of Mastery

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