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Primary 5 SA2 Intensive Revision

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“Dear Elsie, my marks have improved a lot with the many Ratio strategies and methods you taught me. The strategies can be used for almost 80% of all the questions I do! Thanks a lot! You gave me a lot of confidence.”

Andrea Yeong (P6)                 
Raffles Girls Primary School    

Result transformation in less than 20 weeks from C (CA1) to A* (PSLE)

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What is Power Revision?


The iSun Intensive  Revision Workshop is a 24-Hour programme designed to achieve one goal – to kick start the students’ PSLE year with a success experience in their P5 SA2.

We are crazy enough to believe that everything is possible in just 3 weeks (October). To our kids, our commitment is 101%! 

With a combination of crazy fun and high demand, we are leaving no chance for regrets!

Lorenz Domer

The English Einstein

Chia Lee Xian

The Science Shifu

Elsie Tay

The Math Extraordinaire

Meet Our Experts

"I was a failing student, but that's changed when I joined Lee Xian's class. She believes deeply in me and does not relent until i give my 100%. That brings me to a much higher standard for myself and my work. My grade jumped from a D to B in 2 months. I am grateful for all that she taught me and I look forward excitedly to getting an A* in SA2."

"Lorenz has helped me brush upon my English Language as I was not really good in English at first. He is really humorous in the way he teaches and engages us in through funny examples and jokes. He is very very active and filled with wisdom and knowledge. He is very caring and dedicated to his work.”

Jordan Sea (P5)                    
Nan Hua Primary School

Result transformation in less than 9 weeks (D to B)


Goh Dai Lin (P6)               
Result transformation in less than 16 weeks (score 4A* for PSLE)


Awesome Start For Their PSLE Year

Never let your child start the year believing that they are just a mediocre & struggling student, let them begin the year KNOWING that they are A* student.

The X-Factor in Learning and Mastery

Many students believe that more time + more effort =
more marks. We disagree. Miracles can happen when the right mindset is coupled with brilliant skillsets. Accelerate and intensify your child’s learning TODAY!

Happy Coaches, Happy Kids

We believe in Serious FUN whether is work or play. That’s why we probably have one of the happiest culture in Singapore!

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Attend the session with your child.
We will only take in the student if his/her A* Dream is ignited and he/she is 100% committed.

Why are we different?

We see beyond past results. We believe that each child deserves an A* and we take it upon ourselves to make that happen. We will do whatever it takes in this journey to bring your child to new heights! 

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A Truly
Success Journey
(Highest Chance to Score A*)

to solve questions with highest accuracy in the fastest manner

5 years of Learning


3 weeks of Mastery

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Kickstart your child's PSLE Journey Today!

with great learning habits and attitudes

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The lack of incredible success experience is killing students’ motivation. 

Our team have decided to commit 101% to give students a mega success experience to break the cycle of mediocrity and to kick start the journey of excellence.

*We will only take in students after the meet-up.

What is iSun
Intensive Revision?

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Kickstart your child's PSLE Journey with High Confidence and Excitement Today!

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